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I was lucky enough to spend a 7 day hunt with my father-in-law, Barry, and 15 year old nephew, Graham ( all from Pennsylvania, USA), the first week of May at Otjinuke Ranch with Gert and all his excellent staff. This was my second trip to Africa (took an impala in R.S.A), but my first real experience as a hunter with a wish list. It was also my nephew's first trip. I have to say that Gert made sure all of our expectations were far exceeded from the: hospitality, clean comfortable lodging, delicious food/ drink, to the great many hunting opportunities available at the ranch. Gert was there as soon as we arrived through customs, and our first stop was the grocery to choose food and drink to our liking- to go along with all the tasty diverse food prepared by Mari (our favorite cook). The first day of hunting was to start when we felt rested enough from our long trip- which was Gert's way of ensuring his hunters are relaxed and ready to have a great time. After sighting in the guns, we headed out to hunt with the PH Steph and two excellent trackers, Luki and Andrew.

There are many different high quality plains game to choose from, yet my nephew and I both had relatively short wish lists. Otjinuke has a way of making you feel at home, yet excited to be experiencing all the wonders of the bush, and we both took more trophies than we intended. I left with a gold score gemsbok, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, steenbok, springbok; silver red hartebeest; and a nice female Hartman's zebra. My nephew with a Hartman's zebra, silver gemsbok, and gold black wildebeest, steenbok, springbok, and impala. My father-in-law even decided to take a Hartman's zebra! Along with all the numerous chances to shoot jackals, baboons, and the deadly black mamba. There were tons of photo opportunities as well of: scenery, giraffes, ostriches, warthogs, and all other species of birds (and their huge nests), just to name a few. My favorite to watch was the crazy antics of the black wildebeest, always putting on a show for us - something I will never forget.

I spent an unforgettable week in Namibia laughing, eating great food, drinking tasty wines, snapping numerous photos, and taking trophies any hunter would be proud of. My nephew also got to experience a trip of a lifetime. To Gert and all the wonderful staff at Otjinuke - Thanks y'all!!!

Melanie Powell
Red Lion, Pennsylvania USA, May 2016

White Gnu

My father and I hunted with Gert Muller in May/June 2015. From the moment Gert picked us up at the airport, we were treated as though we were old friends and not simply clients. The lodging was terrific, the food was excellent, the service was outstanding, and the hunting was unbelievable. We saw upwards of hundreds of animals each day, and had many exciting stalks on a variety of game. Our PH was very knowledgeable and the trackers were spot on. Beyond the game animals, we saw many different types of birds, lizards, and other animals, like giraffes, honey badgers, and baboons.

This was our first trip to Africa, and we were very impressed with every aspect of the operation. The photos of the trophies speak for themselves, but the personal touch to the entire trip was tremendous. Suffice it to say, I would not hesitate to hunt with Gert again, and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is interested in a challenging and enjoyable hunt to book with Otjinuke.

May 2015

A gold trophy photo coming soon!

May-June 2015, my son and I hunted for 10 days with Otjinuke Hunting Ranch. Upon meeting Gert for the very first time at Hosea Kutako International Airport, Windhoek, it seemed as though we've known him for a lifetime from all our correspondence. The ranch itself could not have been more comfortable and inviting, and the rooms were both extremely spacious and clean. There was never a shortage of hot water in the showers, and clean linen. Each meal serviced was both different and delicious, and we always had seconds.

The hunt itself was more than both my son and I could have asked for, or expected. Every stalk with our excellent PH and Tracker resulted with game at the end; sometimes successfully taking game, sometimes passing on smaller animals and sometimes no shot presenting itself, it's called hunting. From the very first day, we let Gert and our PH know that we were not necessarily after record book animals, but rather mature representatives of the species we were after. The abundance of game was startling.

With the 11 animals we were blessed with taking, 5 were Gold, 2 were Silver, 2 were Bronze and 2 mature Zebra stallions, 1 Burchell's and 1 Hartmann's Mountain. The 2 Bronze were 9 and 13 year old bulls well worn, past their prime and exactly what we were looking for.

Gert and Marina were always asking if there was anything that we wanted or needed. I was told by others that hunted here, upon leaving Otjinuke, we would have new friends for life, that was an understatement. We will be returning in the very near future to relive this trip of a lifetime.

Thank you both for everything.

Robert J. Basile
Westchester County, New York- May 2015

(Robert also reported here!)

Red Hartebeest

Myself and a friend, have not long returned from the trip of a lifetime in Namibia, where we were lucky enough to hunt at Otjinuke Hunting Ranch, which is owned and run by the owner Mr Gert Muller. We had hunted in Namibia before and had a wonderful time, fantastic even, but Otjinuke isn't just about the hunting. The waterholes are a paradise for bird life and its not just five of this and ten of that. There are herds of oryx, wildebeest, eland, springbok, waterbuck, sable, zebra, steenbok, duiker, jackals etc.

It's the abundance of other wildlife as well, we were very lucky to see an aardwolf and a (scaly) armadillo or ant eater, bee eaters, honey badgers, ground squirrels, mongoose, hornbills, louries, chanting goshawks. We even saw one take a sandgrouse. Kori bustards, secretary bird, vultures of all shapes and sizes, and lots of other birds I am still trying to identify. The PH & tracker put in a lot of hours for us and their skills are out of this world. Mr Muller would always ask if everything was good and to let him know if we weren't happy with anything. The food is good and the rooms clean and plenty hot water. So camera or gun or even bow is welcome. It is worthwhile to give Otjinuke a go!!

You'll be made more than welcome. One thing, Gert's a man's man, don't mess about tell him what you want and if he can get it, or do it, he will.

Jim Bauld from Scotland, UK - July 2014


Accommodation: Spacious, clean, lots of lights. Comfortable beds and extra blankets. Refrigirator stocked and plenty of drinks. Wonderfull to have a shelf in bathroom and table to write at.
Food: Always served on time. Large variety food, game, beef and pasta. Served hot and more than enough. Liked that there was always a salad and dessert and coffee always available.
Hunt: Had an outstanding time. PH, driver and tracker were great.
Trophy quality: Plenty game and high quality.
Staff: The staff was just great. Available when you need something and always respectful of our space.
Pricing: As agreed and great value.
General: We had a wonderful time and would like to come back and visit with our new friends.

Terry Blauwkamp, Hudsonville, MI, USA. - 2014


I had my first African hunt November 2012, at Otjinuke Ranch. Mr. Gert and Mrs. Marina were so welcoming and really made me feel part of the Muller family that week. All of the staff were exceptional and professional in their jobs and never seemed to mind going the extra step. The hunting was very rewarding and I was able to hunt all the species I wanted. The most exciting hunt was taking the new #1 Impala on the ranch. The ranch is flat, so it is easier to stalk for some that may be worried about that. To sum up the food, I enjoyed every meal! Mr. Gert listened to my request and had Mari prepare the dishes accordingly. Most of the meals consisted of game from previous hunts and we only had a couple of items twice, which were at my request. The guest house is very nice and comfortable with more than sufficient space. I highly recommend Otjinuke ranch for a great plains game hunt at a fair price.


Sid Wall, Houston, TX via Angola

Number 1 Waterbok

My first time hunting in Africa with my father was a memorable one to say the least. Gert and Marina Muller made us feel at home at the Otjinuke Ranch from the first day. Their staff was friendly and professional. The ranch was well maintained, the food and the game were plentiful. The terrain was challenging as it was covered with tall grass and plenty of thorns. Over the course of our 9 day hunt we collected 7 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 bronze medals between the 3 Oryx, 2 Blesbok, 2 Springbok, 2 Warthogs, and kudu and the new #1 ranch Waterbuck. For those seeking a quiet place to get away and wonderful place to hunt I would recommend the Otjinuke Ranch to anyone.

Thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience.


Mark Cromwell, New Hampshire, USA


In April of 2009 I hunted with Gert and his staff on the Otjinuke ranch. It was a dream come true and a truly amazing hunt. I was not disappointed in the number of animals or the quality or game. The hardest part of the hunt was choosing which animal to hunt. I was very pleased with all who helped at the ranch. My PH was absolutely incredible and had many years of stories to tell. The trackers were exceptional and did the most amazing job tracking on some of our animals. The cook, skinners, housekeeping etc. were top notch. Gert made us feel so welcome and at home. It was absolutely the best time. I was so pleased that I am trying to make it back in the next year or two. I would recommend this hunt experience for anyone who is wanting to have the best plains game hunt available.

Dave Houston, Pleasant Grove, Utah

Mickey's Kudu!

My son and I hunted with Gert Muller of Otjinuke Hunting Ranch for 12 days this August of 2007. As a long time hunter who has worked both ends of this sport (guide and hunter) this hunt was a dream come true. Everything that Gert informed about his ranch was accurate. Gert treated both my son and I like family and went out of his way to insure that all of our needs were met. The lodging was extremely nice and private, the food was excellent and plentiful, the ranch staff was very friendly, and his professional hunter, trackers, and skinners did an excellent job. What a selection of animals, both in numbers, different species, and in the quality of the trophies available. And you do hunt his animals, with my son and I using the spot and stalk method. We were very successful using this method, with my son harvesting four nice trophy animals and myself harvesting five trophy animals. Basically, this hunt with Gert Muller of Otjinuke Hunting Ranch surpassed all of my expectations and I would highly recommend this ranch to anyone looking for a exciting, personalized, friendly hunt.

Mickey Schultz, Alaska, USA

W Bennett, Black Wildebeest, May 2006

I contacted Gert Muller about an African hunt in 2005. He asked me what animals I was interested in. I told him I wanted a Kudu, a Black Wildebeest, an Impala and a Warthog. He told me he had some excellent Red Hartebeest. I wanted two beautiful animals and two homely (ugly) animals. He told me he had some excellent Red Hartebeest. I looked for a picture of a Red Hartebeest and decided that they are almost as ugly as a Warthog. I accepted his advice and reserved my hunt with him in May of 2006. When I arrived at Windhoek, Namibia Gert and Marina (his wife) met me at the airport. They treated me like a long lost friend. I immediately felt right at home. My hunt was a wonderful success. I even decided to get a Gemsbok (Oryx) to go with my two beautiful animals. My five animals all arrived in due time. They are now mounted and hanging on my wall. I'm very proud of them. This trip was the fulfilment of a dream I had for many years. My thanks to Gert Muller and his staff for a wonderful hunt. I'll never forget it.  

Bill Bennett Crawford, CO, USA

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Muller, I've just been talking to my Dad and looking at all the pictures he emailed me. He was so excited and the pictures are so great that I just had to write my appreciation. He had been dreaming of this hunt for a very long time. I can tell that everyone and everything about Otjinuke made his dream come true. Maybe it's time for me to start dreaming. He has already got his brother itching to go.

B. Bennett, Phoenix AZ, April 2006


Unvergeßlich sind mir die Tage, die ich auf der Otjinuke Farm mit Gert Muller und seiner Familie verbracht habe. Nicht nur die gut organisierte Jagd war außerordentlich erfolgreich (10 Trophäen, davon 6 Goldmedaillen), sondern auch die freundliche Aufnahme durch Gert Muller, seiner lieben Familie und seiner freundlichen Helfer war dazu angetan, den Aufenthalt auf der Otjinuke Farm zu einem rundherum positiven Erlebnis werden zu lassen. Die gelungene Verbindung zwischen professionell organisierter Jagd und ungezwungener Herzlichkeit, die den Jagdgast zum Familienmitglied werden läßt, habe ich bei anderen Jagdreisen in dieser Form nie erlebt. Auch im nächsten Jahr wird Otjinuke wieder mein Ziel sein.


Unforgettable for me were the days, I spent on Otjinuke farm with Gert Muller and his family. Not only the well-organized hunt was very successful (10 trophies, 6 of them gold medals), but also the very friendly welcome by Gert Muller, his dear family and his friendly helpers made my stay on Otjinuke hunting-farm a all together beautiful experience. This combination of professionally organized hunt and casually friendliness which makes the hunting guest feel like a member of the family, I had never experienced before on other hunting tours. Certainly I will head for Otjinuke again next year.

Philipp Hitzler, Germany

The first leopard!

Jeff Nolting thought he'd be hunting some antelope, but ended up with a cat as well. Here are some pictures of the leopard: 1, 2 and 3.

Steve got antelope!

Steve went hunting for antelope in July 2007 and found a gold medal Gemsbok and Springbok. Here are some pictures of his trophees: Gemsbok and Springbok.

"The hospitality, accommodations, food, habitat, game...all of my expectations were met or exceeded by Gert and Marina Muller at Otjinuke during my hunt in July 2007. They displayed all of the professionalism and skill you expect from a large outfitter while graciously sharing the warmth of their home and family. The game was varied and plentiful. I bagged two good and two excellent trophies. We also came across the largest waterbuck I have ever seen, alive or in photographs. The staff handled the tracking, recovery and processing of the animals I did shoot with skill and good humor."

"Overall, the experience was so good I have considered retiring in Namibia to avoid the necessity of repeatedly flying back."

Steve Pettit, Dallas, TX USA

Gordon Fellows' birds!

I had a superb time hunting with Gert and Marina at Otjinuke Hunting Ranch, and my family had a great experience in Namibia in May 2007. I got to spot and stalk all the animals that I had in mind when I set out; and then a few more, including a Namibian Top 10 black wildebeest. My wife and three little girls (7, 5 and 3 years) had a great time on the ranch. Everything from the hospitality, the food, the accommodations, the game, the activities, and the country were nothing less than over the top. The prices that they charge are far more than reasonable for what they offer. The fact that they are so family oriented and made our kids feel so much at home just made all of the difference to all of us. Gert was constantly asking if I was having fun and getting the experience that I wanted and took a personal hand in every aspect of the hunt, from planning to trophy care, and didn't rest until I got satisfaction.  I hope to get a chance to go back again and do some more sneaking through the brush with a rifle in my hand.  Please feel free to contact me at the_fellows_5 (at) (note the underscores) as a reference.

Gordon Fellows

Scott's Kudu

Hunting at Otjinuke was quite an adventure...and one we'll repeat! Upon arrival at the ranch we found our accommodations acceded our expectations. We were fascinated at the number and variety of game at the Ranch. Experiencing the sights and sounds of this new environment was an adventure in itself. Seeing the plains game running freely is something everyone should do. With the guidance of the PH we successfully obtained our desired trophies.

Beki's amazing springbok

These were handled with great professionalism by the staff at the Ranch. The opportunity to dine on the game we harvested expanded on this unique adventure. We arrived as strangers but after our adventure we left knowing we had made life long friends.

Scott and Becki Rose, Washington DC.

Dave's Zebra!

The hunt at Otjinuke Hunting Ranch was spectacular. The minute I arrived, I knew that this would be a hunt I would never forget. In fact, I can not wait to hunt with Mr, Muller again!! Mr. Muller and his hunting staff did a fantastic job of ensuring that we were able to hunt the game we desired and made every effort to ensure it was a successful stalk. I never felt any pressure to harvest an animal unless it was the one I wanted. I did pass on a trophy kudu the first day, which allowed my hunting partner to harvest it a few days later. If you are looking for a hunting experience where you can relax, have fun, and yet have a very successful hunt, I would highly recommend hunting with Mr. Muller and his staff at Otjinuke Hunting Ranch.

Dave Taylor, Washington DC.

John's Impala!

My first trip to Africa was with Gert Muller of Otjinuke Hunting Ranch for 10 days in July 2006. I was very impressed with the quantity and quality of the game available at the Otjinuke Hunting Ranch. I harvested 4 gold medal animals (Kudu, Gemsbok , Blesbok, and Impala), 1 silver medal Red Hartebeest, and 2 bronze medal Blue Wildebeest bulls. The accommodations were very nice, and the food was amazing. Gert and his crew went above and beyond to make my hunt with them a very memorable one, and I would highly recommend Otjinuke Hunting Ranch to anyone looking for an action packed plains game hunt.

John Pierce, Houston TX

Scotts' Blesbok!

As a first time visitor/hunter to Africa (Namibia),I didn't know what to expect. I can honestly say that from the time I got off the plane in Windhoek until the time I left the ranch, I was treated like "family". The Muller's hospitality was unbelievable. As for the hunting... there was an abundance of quality game to hunt. I harvested 3 gold medal animals (kudu, oryx, blesbok) and 1 bronze medal (very old blue wildebeest bull). I enjoyed my hunt at Otjinuke Ranch so much, I will be returning in 2009 with my 12 year old daughter! I think that the friendships I found at Otjinuke Hunting Ranch will last a lifetime, I know the memories will!

Scott Brunner, Bush LA


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